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So, really I should be wishing you all a Happy New Year as this is my first post in 2018...
I have not been able to find the time to post due to family commitments.
For myself this year has not started very well, as we found out just before Christmas that my husband has throat cancer...hence the lateness in posting.
But, we are positive and trying our best to keep some sort of normality, whatever that is, during daily radiotherapy and weekly chemo...
For myself, I am trying my hardest to keep healthy, so I can look after my husband during this difficult time. I am eating as sensibly as possible and taking immune supporting vitamins.
For my skin, I have found the new and exciting product by Medik8 called Ultimate Recovery Cream, it is a really rich, thick cream but, very pleasant to use and has helped my skin, which had started to look dull and aged,probably due to stress...(nothing to do with the fact that I am actually getting older!)
Medik8 has also brought out a red alert range, which contains a cleanser, lovely and foaming and a serum of which I have had great results for clients that are suffering from reddened skin.
Right, time to do some work in the salon, which for any of you that use the salon I am still up,running and working, all be it around my husbands treatments!
Wishing you all a good month, let's hope spring is just around the corner, love seeing new shoots and spring plants xx


So today is my wonderful mum's birthday, without her support, encouragement and belief in me I would never have been able to get my salon up and running all those 31 years ago...
I always feel November is a time of reflection, Christmas is coming up, work is busy, life in general is busy. But, we need or I need! to take stock...So I like to look at my diet, exercise and skincare routine, as with the changing season, our bodies will make changes too.
I am passionate about the Medik8 Vit C serum, I wil not leave the house without it being the first product I apply in the morning, it is fab for pigmentation, but I have had really good results with clients that have slight acne skins as it does seem to heal them.

I know I always bang on about the use of SPF but, it should still be applied every morning before your makeup even on these dank, dark days when we hardly see the big yellow thing in the sky! It will still act as a barrier against UVA & UVB rays but, also help prevent those biting, cold windy days drying out our skin.
Ok enough of me, I have an italian pear and ricotta cake to make for my lovely mum's birthday!
Wishing everyone a healthy and productive few weeks before the big day is upon us! xx

Once again I must apologise for not blogging earlier, but I have been sooooo busy!
I trained in the latest technology that is Radion Frequency facials and Chromotherapy Light treatments.
Amazing results after just one session.And because our skin cells are then producing their cellular turnover much faster the results continue to get better and better.
I was so pleased with how my skin, not only looked but, it felt so much smoother and fresher...can't wait for my next treatment!

I know I always bang on about SPF's and the use of sunscreens but, as we have had a fab summer so far please don't let it end in the misery that is sunburn as it may be awful,sore,flaky and itchy skin now but, you have possibly just damaged the blueprint to your skin....this could result in pigmentation, broken veins and the dreaded skin get yourself some really good sun protection and wear it every single day.

The nice thing about warm summer days is I feel I can get away without wearing as much makeup, so how about going for the 'less is more look' and use pretty peaches, light pinks and neutral beiges, and of course the odd splash of gold can look amazing this time of year.
I love l'oreals colour riche nude gold lipstick, give it a try and see what I mean!

Next time I blog will probably be the autumn, so take care all, have a fab summer and if you have kids enjoy the holidays they soon grow up and you will really miss me xx

27/03/2017 Well sorry I haven't been blogging for ages, been a busy bunny!
The salon is really busy, which I love, think this early warmth & sunshine is getting everyone booking appointments...
So what is new???
I have had lots of clients have really good and positive results with the REVITALASH eyelash enhancing serum, it is expensive, but boy does it work! Longer,stronger even darker eyelashes!
At 69 a tube it is actually worth it, far better in my opinion than the false or extended lashes.

I am really concentrating on looking after my skin at the moment-not that I do not usually, but even more so as I am out training for a trek that myself and 4 other ladies are taking part in...It is 50k's... trust me little figures but a long way! And we are raising money for The Children's Burns Club....fab charity so if anyone out there fancies donating to the raffle we are holding or want to sponsor us we would be really grateful.
As I type today, the sun is shinning and the birds are hurriedly making their nests, spring is definitely in the air....lush! x

Happy New Year...
Where did 2016 go???
I had an amazing year last year, lots of new products in the salon, I started going to yoga, and have been using some of the breathing techniques in my massages, both facial and back and shoulder.

I turned 48...getting nearer to that big birthday, so I have re-evaluated my life style choices and my skin care routine, as I do not want to be heading under the surgeons knife in the next 2 years, so I have been using the new Elizabeth Arden Pro Age Defying is amazing, it does not come cheap, however it does work!
But, we have to remember it is not just our facial skin that gives our age away...our hands and arms also need a bit of TLC!
Vitage spf30 each day on the backs of my hands, and wearing my gloves when I take my pooch out is a must, as for my arms...well that is a difficult one, so I use bio-oil, mixed with my body lotion + I have been having Epsom salt bathes for my aches and pains after my HITT and pump classes, but it does seem to be helping with the dryness and not to mention that horrible crepe/wrinkled skin!

My other great beauty tip at the moment is REVITALASH....It is amazing, my eyelashes went through a stage of falling out in clumps and really not growing very well, think it was very much hormone related...the dreaded menopause! I started using REVITALASH and the difference is unbelievable.
My eye lashes are really long, much thicker and darker, I do not always wear mascara now!
It is available from myself at the cost of 69.00...yes it is expensive but like I said it works...
Have a good January peeps, be in touch asap xxx

I can not believe what a fab summer we the end! And the fact that it is still so beautiful is such a bonus! Autumn has always been one of my favourite seasons, I love bright,blue cool days.
With the winter rapidly approaching we have much news in the salon....drum roll please...Priori has been taken over by Elizabeth Arden Pro, most of the products are still in the range however, they have also brought out a few new,highly researched serums and peptides.
We also have the EAPro mineral makeup in stock, which I love as it is very creamy, even though it is a powder form.
Medik8 is another range we have started using recently in the salon,and I am loving the results, their vit C tetra is a must, along side their Hydra B5 a deeply hydrating gel-serum.
And, as I always bang on about it...please, please make sure you are still using your facial sun protector remember it is not just for summery days, it is to help you skin from premature ageing...and no one wants that!
Ok, that is me for a while, call,email, Fb message me for any other info ...happy autumn all xx

Spring is here...yippee, my favourite time of year!
I love the spring flowers, the rainbows, the new fledglings, it is defiantly my season.
I always feel it is the season, where we, like our dogs shed our winter coats! Our hair starts to feel different, our skin can go through changes too, and often our nails break and peel...
So remedies for the above!
Treat your skin with caution and care, a little TLC would not go a miss! Have a facial, which is kind to your skin, a gentle aromatherapy facial using blended oils is one of my specialities.
As for your hair, a good cut and condition is what I believe in. I really like the argon oil as a pick up for my hair, having said that it has to be the smallest amount going as, otherwise my hair becomes limp and for nails.... Nailtiques formula 2 is a must, brilliant stuff which I would not be without, especially after false nails, gel or even a pick me up in between Shellac.
So guys and dolls, happy spring look after yourselves and be happy xx

Happy New Year... How quickly did Christmas go! I hope you all had a fab time, ate too much, drank too much and partied hard!
So now you need to start to look after yourself again! Pop in for a revitalising facial, will pep your skin up and your spirits at the same time...We are introducing the new REVALE products, beautifully rich, packed with natural coffeeberry and antioxidants.

2016 Is a very special year for me, as it is my 30th anniversary since opening the salon! I can not believe where those years have gone.
I can not believe that I am now looking at products for lines and wrinkles! Or anti-aging facial treatments!
Which leads me nicely into the new introduction for a new machine that will be coming to the salon in Feb... A fusion lightbox, working with light wave technology to promote cellular growth of collagen and elastin, hugely anti-ageing and visible results after just one treatment...keep checking the blog for the date it will be launch in the salon!
Well that just leaves me to say, stay safe and happy, look after your skin! xx

What a wonderful day, beautiful blue skies, warm & sunny just how I like my spring days.
For me personally this is the best time of year, not so for the poor hay fever sufferers I am guessing ...If you do suffer from allergies, have you tried Manuku's fab and can really help with your immune system, allergic reactions, sores, bites...and it tastes good too!
Don't forget this time of year the sun can still be very strong, combined with a cool breeze it can be very dangerous for our skins.
In 2011 13,300 new cases of malignant melanoma was reported according to the cancer research UK ....So, please put on your sun protector factor 15 or higher...everyday come rain or shine. Using an SPF of 15 or higher will not only protect you from harmful UVA & UVB rays but, it will help your skin stay younger looking and almost...wrinkle free!
Slap on that protection men, women and children...Priori have a lovely SPF 30, which all my clients use, it is light non greasy, has a great coverage and above all does its job all for the small sum of 18!
Happy spring days to you all xx

Hi All,
Well, summer seems to be trying to make an appearance, although it does seem to be struggling some what!
I have just got back from attempting to climb Ben Nevis, and actually achieving to climb Scarfell Pike....give me a long day in the salon any day! My feet really needed some attention after that, so I treated them to a Shellac pedicure, and chose the new salmon colour, very summery!Book now for your 'treat your feet'!
Please,please make sure you are all wearing your SPF30 protection, we don't want sun damage,age spots, pigmentation or more of those dreaded wrinkles do we??! Priori spf30 is still only 17.00 such good value for such a fantastic product.
Well I hope you are all getting ready for your summer hols, whether that be camping in a tent or staying in a top class hotel somewhere exotic, make sure you take plenty of mosi spray, the best one I have found on my travels is not even classed as a insect repellent,but works for me.
It's Avon's skin so-softly dry spray oil the original ...try it I find it is the only product to stop me getting nibbled alive by the dreaded gnats!
Have a good time what ever & where ever you are going...all the best Sian xx

Hi, Well have we been spoilt with this lovely summer weather so far??
With the schools and colleges breaking up for the summer holidays I am sure there are going to be some stressed out mums! If you get a few minutes break and want to pop in for a quick treatment, checkout our special offers might just need it!
Lots of exciting things happening in the salon...we are waiting for our delivery of stock of our
new products REVALE from Skinbrands...more info on that as it arrives, but can't wait to get started with it.
Please make sure you are wearing your environmental shield out there in this weather...Priori factor 30 is amazing and only 17.00 email or call me now for your bottle.
Happy holidays everyone....x

Hi all,
Well what a great start to the autumn months we are having, better than August!
Lots of new things coming to the salon over the next few months...
We have the launch of REVALE skin products.
So excited about using them, I have been trying them out on my own skin for about 6-8 weeks and I can honestly say it feels and is looking the best it has for ages.
The range is very exclusive, containing antioxidants,plant extracts and has been researched and developed by two of the best scientists in the business.
Why not book in for a skin consultation, it is free and you maybe surprised at amount of advice you will receive.
In the meantime, keep that sun protector on ..just because it is cloudy or grey does not mean that the UVA & UVB rays will not age your skin!
Happy autumn peeps x

I can not believe I am writing this blog about Christmas offers etc...Where did 2015 go?

It has been a strange year for me, lots happening in the salon, new products and treatments, and lots happening in my personal life too...some good, some challenging! But what I have learnt this year is this...never give up on something you believe strongly about. This past year has made me question many things, but it has also shown me that if you really want something and, you are passionate about that 'something' it is really worth persevering.
2016 is going to see many,many new treatments and a few new machines in the salon...can't wait! Keep checking the offers page for up to date info, and I will up date this blog as often as I can!
So it goes without saying I wish every single one of you, a very happy Christmas and a healthy & happy 2016... x


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